Best Frames for Your Face Shape


Best Frames for Your Face Shape

Our heads come in all sorts of unique shapes & sizes, just like our favorite fruits. Whether you’re more of a small kiwi, a midsize melon or a large, oval shaped pineapple – Sunnies has your noggin & eyes covered. 

Ultimately, the best sunglasses suited for your face shape will be the ones you feel  most confident wearing. But if you need a little guidance, there are a few easy style rules to follow when choosing the right pair of sunglasses for your face. 

When you’re browsing through different types of frames, think about how the shape of the glasses can either balance, or offset, your facial structure. Design & great style rely on creating balance. Think of these rules as guidelines: cutting-edge style means knowing the rules & when to break them.

Facial structure is typically categorized by rectangle, square, oval, round, triangle, heart-shaped & diamond. In order to identify your structure, simply take a look in the mirror or ask a friend for their opinion. Imagine tracing a line along your hairline, down to your jawline & then to your chin. Notice which part of your face is the widest.


If you’re unsure or think that you might be somewhere in between two different shapes, that’s alright too.
Try to follow suggestions for multiple face shapes & see which sunglasses you feel best wearing.

Which Pair of Sunnies Would Best Suit Your Face:

Square, Diamond & Rectangle

If you’ve decided that your face is square, diamond, or rectangular, consider offsetting these angles with a pair of curved or rounded sunglasses – like a retro style.

The best choices from our collection include the bestselling round-frame Sunnyside, or the stylish & classic retro Solarscape, or the funky, timeless VintageSun for a great
all-around pair of shades.

Oval & Round

If your face is either oval or round-shaped, try counteracting the curves with a pair of rectangle or angular sunglasses. 

Our favorite rectangular picks that come from our line include the bestselling sport-shaped SunRay or the timelessly classic SunnyAura & the classically modern SunnyView.

Heart-shaped & Triangular

If you have a heart-shaped or triangular face, your best bet is going to be to pick a frame that offsets the narrowest part of your face. Triangle-shaped faces can have the widest part at the top or the bottom

Our top choices are the highly popular Solar Eclipse, or the oversized & flirty Sunspecs or the Top Sun, all of which will accentuate your cheekbones. 
Which pair of Sunnies will you end up choosing for your facial structure? Tell us in the comments!

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